In the words of Lebibe Topalli: “Women and men should be allies in achieving gender equality and equal rights for everyone.”

Date: Friday, June 25, 2021

Lebibe Topalli is a 39-year-old artist from the city of Ferizaj, Kosovo.[1] An established artist, Lebibe received the Artist of the year award from the municipality of Ferizaj. She is also the director of the well-known Mural Fest, which has transformed the city of Ferizaj into the City of Murals, bringing together hundreds of renowned artists from around the world every year. Jointly with her team, mostly young women, she has produced more than a hundred murals in her city. Lebibe joins the UN Women regional initiative Mural Artivism: Breaking the walls of gender inequality with her piece ‘What you sow, you reap’. Through her participation, Lebibe aims to raise awareness on women’s property and land rights and calls for the involvement of more men as allies towards achieving gender equality.