EXHIBITION DATE : Friday, September 25th, 2020 to 02.10.2020 

MuralFest KOSOVO x Void Projects ¡ Change 2020 invites photographers and photojournalists of all levels, exclusively from Kosovo to submit images to be exhibited in Ferizaj as from September 25th, 2020.The theme of this year’s events and exhibition is "Change". Whatever angle you may chose, we give you the opportunity to reflect more particularly and document the change in ones' life, as a person, as a family, or as a local community. What are the changes faced by your subject(s), what does it mean for them, how does it affect them, how do they cope with it or celebrate it, what feeling change in their life can bring, how do they grow from there?Our jurors and curators, photojournalists Hazir Reka (Kosovo) and Aruallan (France) will seek projects which have the ability to demonstrate intent and impact, capture emotion and convey a thought-provoking narrative. All artists in the exhibition will receive social media coverage.
The festival will produce and finance a display of the selected submissions. Transience is reflected in the delicate paper on which works will be printed, with the exhibition hung in an offbeat style unique to the success of the Void Projects collaborators.

THE JURORS AND CURATORS:HAZIR REKA is an acclaimed photojournalist and editor of photography from Ferizaj, Kosovo. He worked for numerous daily and weekly newspapers of former Yugoslavia. As a member of Reuters agency, he has covered the protest and war in Kosovo and Iraq. A recipient of prestigious awards such as Best Picture of the Year 2003 by the Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo, his photos have been published in newspapers and magazine from all over the world (New York Times, Herald Tribune, Liberation, Washington Post...). He is the author of “Walking in Darkness – Kosovo 1988-1990”. His works has also been featured in numerous books. His powerful and humane photographs have been extensively exhibited in galleries and museums.IG:@hazirreka, is a Parisian photographer and writer documenting the stories and artists of an evolving movement. From intimate studio shots to electric street art festivals, her candid moments restore and celebrate the humanity of a community formed of some of the world’s most interesting and innovative creatives. Aruallan has contributed editorials and photographs to various printed and online publications. Her photographs are also featured in books and monographs. She is part of the core team of Void Projects and is the founder of Art Street & Stories, an immersion project dedicated to discovering urban artists in the intimacy of their private, IG: @aruallan

THE ORGANISERS:MURAL FEST KOSOVO initially started as an art project by local artists and community members who strongly believe that creating a sensitive and durable visual evidence on the walls of our city is an important step towards the cultural development of the diverse society that live and works in KOSOVO. Fir the past 5 years, the events and public art installations organised by Mural Fest Kosovo, created by local and international artists, serve as catalysts for addressing multiple socio-cultural issues faced by our, IG: @muralfest_kosovo , FB:@muralfestkosovoVOID PROJECTS is a cultural platform initiated by artist Axel Void which creates ‘pop up’ series of artist led projects that seeks to encourage a public dialogue outside of the conventional art space. Void Projects is a non-lucrative international concept with the intent to foster a sense of community within our movement and reinforce the ideology of dialogue and cohabitation between artists during the creative process. Searching for a commonplace between tradition and progressive, IG: @void_projects,

ELIGIBILITY AND GUIDELINES:- Up to 3 submissions will be accepted.
- Black and white photography only.
- Digital photography only
- Image manipulation: considering the photojournalistic approach of the project, the curators do not recommend digital manipulation of images as well as excessive sharpening and noise reduction techniques.
- File type: JPG
- Image size: Images will need to be of sufficient quality to be printed in a large format. It is advised that images measure a minimum of 2,500 pixel on the short side after any cropping. Larger file sizes are encouraged.
- Recommended colour profile: RGB or sRGB
- Statement / Project description: 1000 characters including blank space max
- Biography / CV
- Copyright information
To submit your work, please email before 21.09.2020.