Hazir Reka
Artistic Manager


Hazir Reka

Hazir Reka was born March 11, 1961, in Ferizaj, Kosovo. He began to work as a professional photographer in 1984 in the journal “Bota e Re”. In 1986 he began working in the weekly “Zëri i Rinisë” which later became daily. Reka initially worked as a photojournalist and later as editor of photography.
His photos have been published in all the magazines of the former Yugoslavia (Mladina, Delo Oslobodenje, Vreme, Start …) as well as in newspapers and magazines in the World (New York Times, Herald Tribune, Liberation, Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal …)

Reka began work in 1998 on the Reuters news agency. He has covered the protests and war in Kosovo and peacekeeping corps entering NATO in Kosovo. Reka is also a time covering the war in Iraq.
He has published photo book “Walking in darkness – Kosovo 1988-1990”, his photos have also been published in various books as he Blerim Shala “Kosova, blood and tears”.
Hazir Reka has had several personal exhibitions abroad in Zagreb and Geneva, 1990; “Where are Kosovo?” In Nevers, France with Jean-Francois Baptiste in 1992; in Saudi Arabia in 1993; Barcelona 2000; and in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria in 2007. The last was in Bregens, Austria, 2008 in Vichy, France, 2011 and in Brussels, Belgium 2013. 
Kosovo has exhibited in Gjakova, Vision Gallery, in the year 2000, in Ferizaj, City Gallery, 2004 in Neredime in the open square of Pristina 2008 2013. National Gallery of Kosovo in 2014 at the Museum of Kosovo in 2016 collective exhibition dedicated to Mother Teresa. 
Hazir Reka received the award for Best Picture of the Year 2003 award given by the Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo, and Best Picture (2008) from the National Gallery of Art.