Lebibe Topalli
General Director


Lebibe Topalli

Lebibe Topalli-Shabani was born in 1981 in Ferizaj, southern Kosovo and loved painting as a child.
Her first art degree came from the Academy of Arts in the UShT, Macedonia; her Master in painting from the University of Prishtina. After her graduating she began a successful teaching career.

Actually she works as a professor in High School of Art "Çesk Zadeja". Since she was young, she loved to paint. She worked so hard to achieve her dreams, and got more than she expected. Throughout all of her career as an artist she had the chance to be part of different significant projects and exhibitions.

Untill now she has been part of many collective exhibitions, and solo exhibitions in many different countries (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Swiss, France)
It was in 2004 when she was the producer of the first mural in the City of Ferizaj with the subject "Integration to Europe" which connect it with the other mural after ten years with woman painters, until she was selected as the president of Zef Kolombi(art association). She was the founder of the first international festival of Murals called "Mural Fest" where she works as the head Director.

In 2016 she won the award "Artist of the year".

"Always my life is spread with colors. Colors have made my way"