About us

Launched as an artistic project in 2016 and developed into a non-governmental organization, MuralFest Kosova promotes the artistic culture in the country and using arts as a form of speech in social justice advocacy. Founded by Lebibe Topalli, Pranvera Sylejmani and Antigona Heta, three Albanian female artists, the specific objective of MuralFest Kosova since its genesis has been to support and empower women, respectively female artists in the country. As the organization’s programs and team evolved, we met the opportunity to create a supportive space for all individuals who stagnate in their journey towards social and professional development.

The Team


Lebibe Topalli

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Executive director

Lebibe is the engine of Mural Fest and what keeps our organization moving. Persistent until her goals are reached, today she is happy that her birthplace is full of colors, and dedicated to give Ferizaj an identity as the City of Murals. Art is her passion, and the festival her life.

Fortunë Haziri

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Project manager

We are lucky to have Fortune in our team. She’s an architect who is interested to help us beautify the public spaces with artworks, so we can offer people art to enrich their lives. A hardworking, dedicated person and essential to Mural Fest success.

Saranda Sefedini

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Social Media Manager

Saranda’s organizational skills lead to successful project implementations. She is a driven young woman devoted to civil rights and woman empowerment. Her degree in Management is just the right touch towards organizing projects that contribute to the well-being of our society.

Elza Beluli

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Event Coordinator

Eventhough we might consider her the lady in black, she is a vibrant girls and passionate on creating colorful events

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Adea Rexhepi

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Project Assistant

Adea is a young energetic woman, she is an activist and has contributed a lot in the civil society. She believes in change and loves group work. Ever since Adea joined the team she has brought energy, postivity and love in our working spaces and activities.

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Dren Osmani

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Creative Designer/Photographer

Meet Dren, Dren possesses an eager mind that can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Dren’s work goes beyond aesthetics, it’s a fusion of imagination, strategy, and accurate craftsmanship.

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Amir Hasani

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Finance Manager

We count on his accounting skills. Our go to man when we need support for our activities.

Gentrit Osmani

Location: Ferizaj / Kosovo

Position: Activity Coordinator

Gentrit has been contributing to our activites by bringing his leadership and social skills on the table. We count on his resposible and trustworthy traits to help us carry out any activites that invovle youth participation. A truly important figure for the team and our young ones.

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The Artivists Team


Antika Veseli

Besmira Fejzullahu

Dia Shabani

Elda Halili

Doruntina Qosa

Emona Deda

En Sylejmani

Endrina Luzha

Gentiana Hasani

Gentrit Osmani

Hana Haziri

Mirlind Bytyqi

Rema Salihu

Valera Konxheli