JDL street art alias Judith de Leeuw is a 24 y/o street artist and is born and raised in Amsterdam, NL. In 2015 she started her first commissioned works, which also caused her to graduate in art & Design in 2016. ‘I started doing spray paint by the age of 15, on the streets, where i met graffiti related people that introduced me to a spray can for the first time. Now i own a studio where i work when i don’t paint murals, on the east side of Amsterdam.’ With a passion for realism, expression and public art a new artist was brought to life. With already a great reputation as a street artist she managed to travel and paint all over the world including big parts of Europe and Asia.

If you like to know more about the background of JDL, or her works, you can check out some articles here.

Judith De Leew


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