The Stained Concrete Path camp Weekend was an exciting and creative event where participants were divided into three teams. Each team was tasked with designing and painting a mural on a concrete path. The teams poured their hearts and creativity into their respective sketches, and the result was a stunning display of artistic talent and teamwork.

We couldn’t be prouder of our incredible Artivists’ journey over the years. And guess what? For the second year running, they’ve made it to the festivals’ lineup! 🌟 This year, they’ve taken their artistic touch to transform not just one, but TWO pedestrian underpasses in our beloved Ferizaj.


We are presenting to you the the first winning team, consisting of Antika, Gentrit, Endrina, Doruntina, and Liza, filled the first underpass with vibrant colors and captivating imagery. 🙌🎨. In their words:
“”The power of cultural heritage lies in its ability to unite communities and provide a sense of identity and belonging. One such example is these sketches which draw on motifs from our cultural heritage but reinterpret them to fit within a more modern context.These transformations have not only resulted in aesthetically pleasing works of art, but also promote the preservation and understanding of cultural heritage.
By exposing and preserving these motifs in modern times, younger generations connect with their cultural roots and better understand their history. By incorporating traditional motifs into modern art we aim to create a bridge between the past and the present, showing how cultural heritage can continue to evolve and adapt. This highlights the importance of the culture of our society and promotes an understanding and appreciation for the latter.”
We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who lent a helping hand: Elba, Gresa, Ylli, Albisona, Sonila, Erand and countless others who selflessly contributed to making this project a reality.🤝🌟
Let’s celebrate this incredible achievement together and cherish the art that surrounds us. ❤️ Keep an eye out for upcoming updates on the Artivists’ remarkable journey as they continue to bring art to our community’s core.


Introducing the Second Winning Team for the pedestrian underpass! 🎨✨
Together with the local community, the Artivists dove deep into research, exploring our rich cultural heritage. They carefully handpicked elements that truly reflect our identity. 💫 From archaeological treasures to most important architectural pieces in our city , they’ve incorporated them all, breathing new life into our public spaces and shaping our future.
Today we present you the the second winning team, led by Reema, Argjenda, Etrit, Hana, and Valmira, who worked their artistic wonders in the second underpass for which you can find the concept below:
“Starting from the survey with citizens, there were three main requests: remembrance of the past, modern creations as well as murals dedicated to gender equality. Since we are dedicating these murals to Ferizaj, that is why we made the connection between these three themes.
In the longitudinal part we have the map of the city from the existing state, where we have presented some of the oldest buildings of the city which must be protected, as well as the ruined building of the Tefik Canga primary school, which has remained only in the memory of the citizens. We are bringing it back, so that even the new generations learn that what we have must be protected and not left in oblivion. In the part of the stairs to enter the underpass from the city center, you can also see the old Regulatory Plan of the city of Ferizaj that has never been considered, while now we see urban chaos.
On the slopes, found elements of the ancient Illyrian culture are presented, but modernized through the use of colors.
For those young girls who were definitely looking for murals for gender equality, we have chosen for you the figure of Your Queen. Since during antiquity there were no women in decision-making positions, in ancient Illyria we have Teuta. We dedicate it to you and all the other girls, to remind them that you can achieve anything you want.”

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