Artistic Communion

Artistic Communion

During these times of the pandemic, we have all learned a lesson: no matter where we come from or what ethnicity we have, we will always have greater issues that may affect us all. And we will have to find a way to find a common language that brings us together and help us go through tough times, which in this case it could be art. Youth in Kosovo, no matter their ethnicity face the same issues, especially unemployment. As much as we cannot offer help directly in this matter, we focus on the beautiful things that might be often a point that has been used to divide communities, even in Kosovo. In art, diversity is seen as something that enriches the culture, so we need to focus on the conversation on how we can use those differences to unite youth across Kosovo, no matter their ethnicity, gender or background.

This Confidence Building Project was funded by UNMIK.

Togetherness – EN As long as we dance together and enjoy being present, we forget our differences that might divide us.

POOL - Pablo Astrain How to progress as a young country by pushing all together in the same direction to go out of the traffic jam.

YOUNG ROOTS - Jabi Corte

The wall represents the youth diversity, where different people with different skin color, different social background all have the same roots like one tree has different branches and also each leaf is part of the same branch. The visual metaphor is trying to show three young people merging into one, like one log diverse itself to different branches, creating each different and own leaf, but with the same starting point, and that should bring us together and help to respect each other, since we all belong to the same “tree” and create with our diversity the most beautiful nature to live in.

Unity - Sculpture by Butrint Morina

Project Details

  • Artwork by: EN, Pablo Astrain, Jabi Corte, Butrint Morina

  • Location: Ferizaj, Kamenicë