The team of Mural Fest Kosova consists of 95% of girls and women of different generations. While over the years we have seen an increase in the number of women’s representation in public spaces, institutions or businesses, Mural Fest constantly engages and contributes to this aspect, always through artistic activities. The fight for gender equality has been declared for years and girls and women are clearly triumphing in every sphere. Rita Ora, in addition to proving herself in the field of music with many successes, she recently through her projects, has brought to the fore the traditional art that is heading towards oblivion. Combining the contemporary with the traditional, helps to renew this artistic field and this definitely helps to recognize the values and contribution that women have given in the field of art, through the cultivation of art in textiles and other handicrafts. Rita in this case is also helping to raise awareness and Mural Fest in addition to intending to honor her with this mural, uses her figure to spread this message. Mural Fest aims to transform Ferizaj into a City of Murals, and gives special space to the presentation of women in public spaces, in this case through murals. Rita Ora is one more asset and contributes to this goal, for which we are very grateful. This mural was made by the team of Mural Fest Kosova:- Lebibe Topalli – Executive Director, painter- Pranvera Sylejmani – Artistic manager, painter- Rrezarta Halili – painter- Rema Salihu – leader of Artists, student of painting- Emona Deda – member of Artists, painting student.

Photos by Bardha Goga Photographer

Project Details

  • Artwork by: Lebibe Topalli, Pranvera Sylejmani, Rrezarta Halili, Rema Salihu, Emona Deda

  • Location: Ferizaj

  • Photo by: Bardha Goga