Rruga / Road

Rruga / Road

by Pranvera Sylejmani

Fleeing away from home is always difficult and painful…

The Train Station in Ferizaj carries a great historical background, which all citizens have deeply rooted in our memories. This point represents the foundation of the city of Ferizaj; marks the path through which we were forced to flee and at the same time marks the same path which brought us back to our Home – our Homeland.

While the mural is a painful image of the forced departure of Albanians from our territories, in essence the mural aims to unite our citizens by reminding them that despite current differences, we all come from the same past.

This is the first mural of Pranvera Sylejmani and it comes as a dedication to her father, painter, martyr – Gursel SYLEJMANI.

Photo reference (AFP) 1999, Kosovo

Assistants: Dëbora Hetemi, Antika Veseli & Gentrit Osmani

Photo by Kenzo Records

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports – Department of Culture, Prishtina.

Project Details

  • Artwork by: Pranvera Sylejmani, Dëbora Hetemi, Antika Veseli & Gentrit Osmani

  • Photo reference: (AFP) 1999, Kosovo

  • Location : Ferizaj