2021 – HOME

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12 June

2021 – HOME


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Home….. The place where the joy of returning overcomes the fear of leaving…

The 6th edition will be dedicated to the challenges that have followed the citizens of Kosovo since the ’99 exodus, their return to Kosovo, and the difficulties they have had in rebuilding the state. Mural Fest intends to make a link/connection between the past and the future, and the importance of the contribution of young people in the development of the state, emphasizing the importance of history and the journey that Kosovo has had as a determinant of their future.


Revolve by Pablo Astrain

REVOLVE: moving in a circle on the same axis

by Pablo Astrain

We are different points of view rotating on the same edge. The world rotates, another day begins and another year happens… Life takes unexpected turns and the human being goes off on a tangent. I go off on a tangent and avoid the image full of questions that are not made for me, to give priority to its real protagonists and to the plasticity. Thanks to the festival team, we managed to contact the family from the photography, who helped me complete the work by placing a name and date on the frame of the image to preserve the memory as if it were a home album. And just as if we were meeting in their living room having a coffee, they tell me the story of the picture.

1999, Kosovo

Photo reference by George Georgiou


QUEEN CAGE by Case Maclaim

A special cage in which queens are shipped and/or introduced to a new colony, usually with 4 to 7 nurse bees, called attendants. The cage is closed with a candy plug which is chewed open by the bees in the colony where the caged queen is inserted.

The beekeeper was trying to save the Queen Bee. The colony cannot stay alive for too long without their queen and they start to feel disorientated.

Buuuut, we’re even more interested to know how this mural makes YOU feel?!


EVEN IF by Guido Palmadessa

This mural tries to explore how young generations look at their present, how they project their future and how contexts are re-shaped in time.

Inspired by footage of kids going to school in war times, this work portrays a young kid with her school bag looking forward into the mountain. This image represents the story of thousands of kids that went (and go) through their childhood in hard conflicted times and the efforts of keeping on despite everything.

This situation still goes on worldwide where children’s rights are being questioned and defied. As we question the concept of refuge or home, this mural wants to represent not only the past in times of war in Kosovo but also draw a line to an actual facing problem we have and how to rethink the future for our young generations and guarantee their rights for a decent and fair childhood.

All the sides of the world are connected, and we see how history is repeated every day. Drawing a parallel, this painting is inspired by a picture by the Syrian report-photographer Ahmed Akacha.


BACK HOME by Zabou

This mural is about young generations returning to Kosovo and rebuilding its future. This is a portrait of 14 year-old Orik who loves football, and whose parents flew the war, depicted coming back to his land. Hopeful!


REFUGEES by Slim Safont

On the final day of this year’s edition which intentionally coincides with International Refugee Day, we go back on time 21 years ago, and we dedicate this mural to everyone who were forced to flee their country.

Photo reference by photographer Hazir Reka, representing a Kosovar refugee a day when women were separated from men before they left their houses. (Reuters, 1999)


BERATRISA by Mateu Targa

BERATRISA by Mateu Targa

The reference image is a photo taken of Beratrisa in front of her house. Simple and clear.

Beratrisa is a painter, designer and the first woman in Kosovo to convert a combustion car to an electric one. But, a part of all those things, for me she has been the best assistant in the world!


SHTËPIA by Zabala

Home means a start, unity, security, safety, a shelter… this is where all began!

While in prehistoric era people lived in caves, now one such is on top a modern residential building. It reminds us to never forget where we came from and as we continue evolving we forever have the need to find the sense of belonging and a sanctuary to call home.

While I was hearing stories of local people the cave took more sense related to the concept of resistance.

A connection between the cave and traditional elements that I found in the Ethnographic Museum in Gjakova inspired me to paint and merge them within the mural painting, thus noting genius loci – the spirit of a place.